Hardgoods- Tools
Diamond  Blades
Plant Retrievers offers a variety of landscaping tools, from tree stakes to commen
gardening tools. Look below to see some of the items we offer in our store.
Allows you to GRIP a tool higher on the shaft --
so you work standing up straighter -- avoiding
the awkward bending that is the primary cause
of back strain and injury.

THESE TOOLS: Shovels, Snow Shovels,
Rakes, Hoes, Pitchforks, Push Brooms, Paint
Extension Poles, Tree Trimmers, Fishing Poles,
Dip Nets and More ...
"Capital Tree Stakes"
Staking is used to moderate swings or to protect
the tree from violent winds that could uproot it
prior to it being established.
When you plant a new tree however old it is, it is
likely to need some additional support for at
least the first two years. This gives the trunk
extra support while the roots are becoming
established in the soil.
Brickstop Gloves

Form knitted shell with latex coating offers a
superior grip and a superior fit. Features
excellent cut, abrasion, and puncture Form
knitted shell with latex coating offers a
Wolverine Products
All-Steel Nursery Spade is designed and built
to handle almost any job application. From root
pruning to bed edging our spades not only
stand up to the task, they excel in it.
  • Heat treated extra thick blades
• Mill sharpened blades creating a razor
sharp cutting surface
• Smooth comfortable powder coated handles
• Pre-drilled holes for optional rubber footpad
• Closed back, forward step
Wolverine Shovels
Wolverine shovels have become known
nationwide as tough, dependable, and long
lasting tools. When you’re on the job you can’t
be worrying about your equipment breaking or
failing, that is what makes using Wolverine
Products a smart move.
Shoveling mulch, dirt, and stones off hard
• Yard work
• Leveling soil
• Placing stones and mulch in landscape beds
Wolverine Rake
With superior construction, our Aluminum Rakes
are tough and durable. Built for the landscaping
professional these rakes can be used on the job
site or at home. Where other rakes fail ours will
prevail staying rigid and strong performing time
and time again.
• Spreading soil on small yards
• Seeding smaller sized yards
• Leveling sand base for paver brick patios
• Raking baseball fields
SRW-Woven Silt Film
SRW Woven polypropylene geotextiles provide excellent
puncture and tear resistant properties, along with high
tensile strength. The primary use of wovens are for soil
separation over moderate subgrades.
Strong and easy to clean, Eyelets approximately every 3'
and all corners, Reinforced edges by PP rope in hem,
Waterproof, All four edges heat sealed, Washable &
Recyclable. Ideal for Construction & Roofing applications,
Boat Cover, Truck Bed Cover, Wind Break, Fire Wood
Cover, Outdoor Storage.
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