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If a tree must be staked, all stakes and guide wires should be removed between 12
and 18 months after planting, provided the tree can stand straight.  A staking
system is one that secures new trees up to 20 feet (6 m) tall with long stakes driven
into the soil on either side of the root ball.  From the stakes, a short hose covered
wire or other device holds the tree in an upright position.    
Every newly planted tree should be assessed independently on whether or not it
should be staked.  The tree is not as likely to be girdled by these attachments in
one growing season, but if they are left on for too long they will girdle a tree or
weaken it as indicated above.  When stakes are used, the tree should be “tested”
at the end of the first year by being pushed back and forth.  If the tree stands
upright and the trunk is rigid at the soil line, the stakes should be removed.  
Whatever tie material is used, guide supports will quickly cut into the bark and
interfere with the movement of water and nutrients within the tree.

Pros of Staking:

·         When the new trees have abnormally small root systems that can't physically
support the larger above-ground growth.

·         When the tree is of a substantial size.

·         When the stem is spindly and bends excessively when not supported.

·         When the tree is a palm, which may require staking due to a small root ball.

·         When the planting site is very windy and trees will be uprooted if they are not

·         When the soil is comprised of sand or other loose-textured soils.  
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